Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good Bye...

I have read many about how guys could not get a girlfriend, listen to many rantings about guys unable to get a girlfriend, or heard of guys fail to get girlfriend. On the other hand, i also read, listened and heard many of my friends unable to get boyfriends. Today i read another issue on it. So where did we go wrong? Did today's Adam and Eve's generation went too far from the basic principle of courting?

Has we all, the newer improve Adam and Eve version has gone far and more advance than our very own predecessor? Or have we all gone too borderless in our society that we have more choice until we are unable to choose? Or are we too busy with our careers to go seek partners until it is too late (meaning you are too old? Then blame you are old?)

How about blaming the very old saying that one is being too choosy? Like a friend of mine saying that he or she should have certain things on such and such. At the end of the day, we all still know and say that not all things is perfect. Sometimes perfect things may have its other cons too.

I read somewhere and the person quoted that in Malaysia, the ratio of single women to single men is 15:1. This make me think, is this correct? Maybe it is correct. If you are one of them what would you do by now? Go hook yourself up in Friendster, MSN, Messenger, pubs, Ah Moi.com, and other matchmaking services? Why not? Otherwise, where will you find your partner? The point here is not getting yourself panick and start looking for a partner. My point is what happen to the basic principle of courting that resulted many of us crying no partners? Or actually the basic of courting is wrong?

Here let me list out the things that we all will consider (let it be the men's or the women's factor):
1. Facial
Everyone wants someone who is beautiful and handsome. No doubt this is everybody wish.

2. Height
Girls wants guys taller than them. Guys wants girl shorter than them. How about the other way round?

3. Size
This matters to me but i have seen couple of opposing sizes together. Given the heart, would you mind your girlfriends is bigger than yours?

4. Money
If anyone who argue that money is not important this person ought to be shot dead. Come on man, everything needs money. If you can't belanja your girlfriend for dinner and see movie at least you still need to save for wedding right? Money is important. Do not say that money is not important. When your girfriend is sick how are you going to pay for her medical? So you think she has company clinic.. wait till you marry your girlfriend. Every bit is money. So money is important but try not put too much strain on the relationship base on money. I am tellling you that money is important but relationship still needs it. However, there are girls who are pretty strict on this issue. Worth arguing.

5. Property
When you got money, this is second. So, guys with this won't have problem. But, yes there is always a but, there are guys after 40 and having so much money and property they couldn't find a wife. What went wrong? OK, a guy with this status will have girls coming to you! Now, will there be love? Aiya, you got money i give you love lor... no money bye bye lor... where does that stand? o_O...

6. Love
Love, everybody talks about it. Old people says, "aiya, ah mui, as long as the man loves you lar... dun be so fussy lar.. nanti orang tak mau lu". Love. How many of us here has interpreted love from its worse to its sweetness? Do you know that love sometimes can be painful? Painful when you had gone after a girl so many years and then she said, "sorry, this guy is my boyfriend, we started XX months ago..."Quite an irony right? that is a reality man... I put love last because at the end of courtship, love is still the strongest subject to be discuss...

So, where do we go wrong when it comes to courtship? Do we blame the ladies if we cannot find a partner? Or do the ladies blame the men when they cannot find their desired partner? I find men to be very foolish to blame women's success that cause them partner-less. Don't you think it is unfair to women? If you blame women because they are too success then have you ever thought of yourself why you did not do well in your early life? Go stray and waste money and at the end say women is more success. Men who say that should be ashamed of themselves.

Men should be more confident with themselves. Why do you want to compare yourself with women's level of success? After all, they won't bite you. Yes, it may be true that the face value of men is often less thicker and worried that they might be the story of the year and gossip by other people that he lives on his wife. Why not? World change. There are out there men who clean the house and cook for their wife. I've seen men cling on to their wife's arm while shopping!

Come, let us ask ourselves this question:
1. Do you mind if your wife earn more than you?
2. Do you mind if your girlfriend earn more than you?
3. Do you mind if your girlfriend drives a bigger car than you?
4. Do you mind if your girlfriend is more sociable than you?
5. Do you mind if your girlfriend is more chic than you?
6. Do you mind if your girlfriend holds a position higher than you?

At the end of the day, this is what i have to say to ladies and gentlemen out there,
1. The ratio of 15 : 1 is not accurate, if this is so, i think 1 utama is full of single guys and gals. Most probably, the next time i rode up an escalator, i will see guys in a row and girls in the other row. Come on lar... Malaysian guys and Malaysian girls boleh lar...

2. I believe in fate and faith in meeting your partner. If fate comes then your faith in having a partner will come. Just be patience.

3. Be yourself and don't go ape over someone. Be cool. A simple start up line can be as nice as, "hi my name is !xobile, can i be your friend?" Don't you think that sound nice and polite. It works for ladies too. It does not show you are making the first move. Just a simple friendly introduction to kill the ice. Rather than cursing up your arse and trying to cook up something to get to know the girl. I met my wife like that. After all, men should always be brave and go up to the girl. I am a guy writing this so i will always insist that guy make the move first. Gentleman mar!

4. Courtship should be relaxing and fun. Don't fuss and fuse over small matters. Close one eye lar. If fuss and fuse like a dynamic then no point anymore. See also argue, over the phone also nag, eat also nag... what's the point of continuing the relationship? Unless you are the verbal-sadistic type lar... like to be verbally torture... hehehehehe...

5. Last but not least, stay honest and don't play play around. Think of yourself if you are in her shoe; the same goes for ladies. This are things that you will learn over time. Ladies like guys who think about them. Guys also in turn like ladies who cares about them. What is wrong to let one guard down for each other.

This will be my last entry for this blog. See you around.

Bye Bye...

sky is not the limit... remember... until then... good bye!

Is sky the limit? No... Thank you.

All things will eventually come to an end, i will be closing my blog soon. In conjunction with the coming New Year 2006, i will be writing my last few entries to bid 2005 goodbye. It has been a rough journey for me this year. I wish everyone a good year ahead.

Happy New Year.

Sky is not the limit... Good Bye

Friday, December 23, 2005

King Kong ROX...

Watched King Kong yesterday night with wife and my low expectation for a remake movie was wrong. It turned out good! In comparison to the 70s, this King Kong ROCKS! I must say that the film is quite long (3 hours). It took the film one hour before the famous silverback gorilla is brought into the picture. But, there is always a but, once the movie introduced this silverbackie the adventure begins to the end. The ending was sad. King Kong was shot down by military planes. He was bitten down neither by T-Rexes nor carnivourous bats but modern fighting machines.

Today, my friend had a conversation with me, mindless and mou lei tou (nonsence) chat about King Kong. Have you ever thought that Peter Jackson did in fact injected some LOTR into King Kong or how about a King Kong trilogy (KK: The Trilogy). Just like LOTR. Below is the mindless conversation but it sounded good: (Juan Roman Riquelme and King Kong in motion)

Juan Roman Riquelme says: brother
Juan Roman Riquelme says: u watched kk oredi??
King Kong says:
Juan Roman Riquelme says: wat u think??
King Kong says: cool man
King Kong says: u watch oredy
King Kong says: worth watching and buy the dvd too
King Kong says: very worth it
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i watched oredi
King Kong says: cool

... chat editted...

King Kong says: just the dinosaur part
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i think the producer purposely wanna drag the movie
King Kong says: bunuh t-rex macam buka durian
Juan Roman Riquelme says: tat part is cool....the graphics
Juan Roman Riquelme says: but the story actually can be shorter.....
King Kong says: yup.. the way kk try to pry open the t-rex mouth to kill them
Juan Roman Riquelme says: dragging....
King Kong says: well, all i know is at the end my back row ladies all crying
Juan Roman Riquelme says: hahahaha
King Kong says: sebab itu gorila mati

... chat editted again ...

Juan Roman Riquelme says: yah...ladies like King Kong a lot

... chat editted again ...

King Kong says: just that the worm part where jack driscoe kena serang.. that one extra lar
King Kong says: i think that one drag the movie
King Kong says: original mana ada serangga serang human
King Kong says: u know the one where giant cockcroaches, worms, and etc
King Kong says: that one pretty scary
King Kong says: on the overall, not bad lar.. considering peter jackson..
Juan Roman Riquelme says: the movie is ok
Juan Roman Riquelme says: just the dragging part lorr
King Kong says: which part u think is dragging?
Juan Roman Riquelme says: after 1 hour only the big guy came out
King Kong says: oh i c.
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i mean the hero...man....he came out only after 1 hour??
King Kong says: .. peter jackson.. mar.. maybe he too accustom to do LOTR trilogy
Juan Roman Riquelme says: ya ya
King Kong says: :P
King Kong says: nanti peter jackson do KK: Trilogy ( King Kong : Trilogy )
King Kong says: KK 2: The SON
King Kong says: KK 3 : The Reborn
King Kong says: KK 2 : tells the hidden story between Ann and King Kong make love and she born King Kong's son.. Then King Kong's son goes to NY to look Ann..
King Kong says: KK 3 : the native in Skull Island revive KK because they are too bosan!
King Kong says: what do you think?
Juan Roman Riquelme says: damn man
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i mean the big guy oredi 30 feet tall
King Kong says: aiya.. KK masturbate.. drown ANN with his sperm lar.. then some sperm swim into her womb lar
Juan Roman Riquelme says: u crazy man
King Kong says: that is why there was one part, Jack Driscoe found both of them asleep together mar...
Juan Roman Riquelme says: tat is too much man
King Kong says: crazy? No lar... have u seen such a big ape?
King Kong says: why not? Anything is possible...
Juan Roman Riquelme says: Peter Jackson will get whack when the movie comes out
King Kong says: story mar!
King Kong says: :P
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i will be the first to drown him wif sperm
King Kong says: o_O"
King Kong says: peter jackson say, " i wanna put some LOTR element in KK.. so there will be trilogy"
King Kong says: that is why u see a group of shipmates and the film crew go save Ann (just like the fellowship... hehehe... )
King Kong says: and some ogres look alike (native) living in Skull Island
King Kong says: then u see KK go to mountain (mount Doom) to see sun set with Ann
Juan Roman Riquelme says: the next movie is willi the king kong
King Kong says: that is connection dude..
Juan Roman Riquelme says: like hulk... la....when angry will change
King Kong says: diu
Juan Roman Riquelme says: but when willi angry will change to king kong
King Kong says: yah. yah..

Mindless right? Cheers.. this conversation just mindless but it took place today morning...

Sky is not the limit... go watch King Kong climb The Empire State's Building!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Some company delivering JUNK MAILS should be shot dead!

Do you know that junk emails sometimes may contain valuable information like sex services, sex products, dating sites, news updates, then most notably some junks from company inviting you to try out their product. Some of these products can be real good. Unfortunately, all these sample goodies sent to your junk box might not be applicable to you because you are not residing in their country. This made me feel quite of being used and disappointed. I felt being used because they raped and molested my junk box’ memory space and disappointed because I am not able to sample this good products. Therefore, why in the first place they send it to me? This is a good question.

Do you realize that your email can be randomly generated by a program and sent out randomly to any unsuspecting idiot like me or my email has been bought by some company for a minimal fee so that can send out advertisement, useless advertisement like sending me something that I cannot use because I am not residing there. All these things really sucks. One day, I wrote back to this company who were doing this kind of advertisement through email and it was like below:


You give me a free sample email. And that email that you got from someone, i do not know who give it to you, send me something that i would not be able to retrieve that sample to use. Did you guys check out that email before you send out? Some email users might not be residing in US. You guys should do some checking before sending out.

So what should i do? If samples that you guys give out is only for US residents then why in the first
place select me to try out your samples. I am not residing in US. You rob me off the opportunity to try out this great product.

I feel bad about it.

You guys should really check out the email before you send it out.

I am very disappointed at SPG because I am not a US resident to try out this gift and you dare send to my inbox and telling me that I can try out your product! SPG a real joke!

Thank you.

And you know what their response’s title in my email:

Delivery Failure for Email : Failure notice!

It means the email address that they publish in their website is not working. I do not know this company and you send me kinds of rubbish. I will only say one word : SCAM!

sky is not the limit...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Personal Christmas Wish...

Here is the wish list that i want for Christmas:
01. Increase pay with bonus
02. Increase annual holiday
03. Increase remuneration
04. Increase annual holiday
05. Bigger cubicle
06. Reduce car loan
07. Reduce petrol price
08. Reduce Amcorp's parking fee
09. Reduce Amcorp's food price
10. Increase food variety in Amcorp
11. Reduce my personal debt
12. Increase my facial hair so i can be like wolverine... right now, i am ok lar
13. Increase my height a bit
14. Reduce my weight to 64kg... so it will be idea.. now i am 66... still ok lar
15. upgrade my notebook
16. upgrade my apartment to a bungalow
17. upgrade my car to a private jet.. Nissan_shift's MURANO
That will be all for my Christmas’s wish list...
Merry christmas.

sky is not the limit...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

COM Stim in Singapore...

COM went to Singapore for four days last week. He had a great one. He was a more like syok (shock) seeing the new city. On one particular thing, the police in Singapore, he was like so potong stim... we had this conversation while we were on his kapchai to work:

COM : You know everywhere i go, the city is clean and expensive too.
William : Well, the lion city wor...
COM : Everything i have to pay, parking, even just outside my uncle's apartment, mrt, eating, blah.. blah...
William : of coz man, you have to... you think its free... Malaysia is also catching up... toll, parking RM5 near KLCC, parking RM3 in AMCORP, blah blah...

After a while,

COM : I am surprise that all the policemen there are chinese, very fair too... everyone of it... everyone... every police... every police.. every police...
William : o_O"
William : Hey, Singapore majority are chinese lar... u think ur grandfather punya ar?
COM : All police is chinese... All police is chinese... All police is chinese...
William : o_O"... eh concentrate on your bike...

Then after a while again...

COM : i went to Geylang to wash some eyes.. you know what.. the girls are cun there you know... Russians, Chinese, Portugeses... its like the whole world whore's there... man... oh man...
William : so it's like a WWW for you lar? So you get to screw some of them?
COM : no lar...
William : Why? but you say its the WWW there? What's stoppin you?
COM : AIDS lar...
William : You wor... don't sound like you... sure ar you don't want?
COM : You f**K lar!

Then after a while

COM : But i see the pimps are treating the girls very rough...
COM : Pity them also...
William : You should go rescue them... you are the royal bengal tiger right?
COM : o_O
William : ok ok... what a waste you din screw...
COM : ok ok next time...
William : Sure?
COM : Sure...
William : how much was one session...?
COM : SD40.. and depend on the type of girls... cun girls.. cun girls.. cun girls... cun girls... cun girls...
William : o_O"
William : ok ok... just concentrate on your bike...

He sure got stim and potong stim on some issues in Singapore... o_O"

That's me as a pillion rider on Abeer's bike to work today.

Scary huh?

Sky is not the limit... it will be if your Bengal Tiger is stim and then not stim and then stim again...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Juicy, Sweet, and Tasty...

It was a sight to be behold. All men love it. Not all men but some loves the smell. To some, we crave it and love it. Fingering while we enjoy it. It was so good. I can still remember when i had finger-ed it last week while holidaying. It was so good to resist the temptation. Oh boy, was it hot in the room or was it me? I just have to wait for the right moment. We splitted it and finger it, lick it, swallow it. It was fleshy and juicy. It drips everywhere and we had to becareful not to spill it otherwise it will be wasted. Sweet and tasty. It was so great... that evening...

The durian was great!

sky is not the limit...

5 days Holiday in Ipoh

Schedule For five days holiday in Ipoh:

Day 1:
10:40 AM : Begin journey
13:23 PM : Reach home
14:00 PM : Lunch
14:45 PM : Rest and Watch Movie
15:30 PM : Break
16:15 PM : Watch movie and sleep
18:00 PM : Dinner
19:00 PM : Watch TV
23:00 PM : Supper

24:00 AM : Playstation Event.
05:00 AM : Sleep

Day 2:
09:00 AM : Woke up
09:30 AM : Breakfast

09:50 AM : Wash Car
10:40 AM : Watch movie
12:00 PM : Sleep
13:00 PM : Lunch
13:45 PM : Watch Movie
15:00 PM : Break
15:30 PM : Sleep
18:00 PM : Dinner
17:00 PM : Watch TV
23:00 PM : Supper
24:00 AM : Playstation Event
05:00 AM : Sleep

Day 3:
07:00 AM : Woke up
07:15 AM : Jogging with parents
09:30 AM : Breakfast
10:30 AM : Watch Movie
12:00 PM : Sleep
13:00 PM : Lunch
13:45 PM : Watch Movie
15:00 PM : Break
15:30 PM : Sleep
18:00 PM : Dinner
17:00 PM : Watch TV
23:00 PM : Supper
24:00 AM : Playstation Event
05:00 AM : Sleep

Day 4:
09:00 AM : Woke up
09:30 AM : Breakfast
10:30 AM : Watch Movie
12:00 PM : Sleep
13:00 PM : Lunch
13:45 PM : Watch Movie
15:00 PM : Break
15:30 PM : Sleep
18:00 PM : Dinner
17:00 PM : Watch TV
23:00 PM : Supper
24:00 AM : Playstation Event
05:00 AM : Sleep

Day 5:
09:00 AM : Woke up
09:30 AM : Breakfast
10:30 AM : Watch Movie
12:00 PM : Sleep
13:00 PM : Lunch
13:45 PM : Sleep
15:00 PM : Break
15:30 PM : Sleep
16:30 PM : Pack and went back to KAY EL.

Enjoyful and excited, fun filled and great!.

sky is not the limit... relaxing life man!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Men's eyes and Ladie's eyes... any difference?

Lately, my colleague nudged me in IM had a good conversation, after that i kept wondering about how women and men see pictures. She sent me a picture of a woman. So i saw the picture that has a beautiful girl in it. Blond and has a sexy smile. Of course, the girl is very appealing. After that, i was told that the bag was beautiful! Where is the bag?! My god! So the picture is an ad selling a bag... i did not see the bag... oh the bag was held by the girl at one corner... Below is the conversation:
@round Th3 World just sent you a Nudge!

@round Th3 World says: ha ha ha
@round Th3 World says: err…
@round Th3 World says: the bag nice?
Ultraman says: which bag?
Ultraman says: oh u mean that bag..
Ultraman says: ok gua..
@round Th3 World says: yalah..
@round Th3 World says: ha ha ha ha ha ha
@round Th3 World says: ha ha ha ha
Ultraman says: hahaha
@round Th3 World says: sure u cannot see
@round Th3 World says: my fren said the gal pretty
@round Th3 World says: come on
@round Th3 World says: the main point in pic is the bag
Ultraman says: i agree the girl is pretty
@round Th3 World says: i think this is the difference between gal n guy
Ultraman says: honestly, when i look at the pic.. i see the girl
Ultraman says: ka ka ka
Ultraman says: i think the girl is there to con husbands into buying bag for their wifes
Ultraman says: if you see the logic like this,
wife: buy me this beg la, sayang
husband: (looking and admiring at the girl) yes... yes...

Ultraman says: logical right?
@round Th3 World says: walaueh...
@round Th3 World says: when i see the pic
@round Th3 World says: i see the bag only
@round Th3 World says: u ah...
Ultraman says: hehehehehehehe...

I think man in nature do see things differently from girls. I admit that i see things some times as what man sees. if you give me a CLEO or FEMALE magazine i think i'll be watching at beautiful ladies or babes-lar, skimming through it and will never get to know the magazine's valuable contents and knowledge. Give me a poster with girls in it i think i will look at those girls first... i hope my wife won't shoot me for this...

sky is not the limit...

One Wild Night...

It was a dark and stormy night, my throat was dried and my stomach was empty. A bit hungry. Yet i couldn't sleep. It was almost 2 in the morning. The whole apartment was silent except a few dragonflys flying around the lights causing some buzzing sound. i could a cat meowing. Went out to the kitchen for a hot milk. Oh, i forgotten my Dutch lady is empty. Milo also empty. I think i'll settle for a glass of cold water. Then suddenly something gripped me gut, i gotta go. i cannot stand anymore. I am a man and the temptation is too strong. I changed into my pants and t-shirt, got my house keys and car key. Dash down to the parking bay and drove out.

I drove my way frantically to that joint. It was a joint for midnight goers and those young hot bloods who is in search of one wild night. It was still quite pack and noisy too. There were many girls and guys. These girls are definitely looking good. Those nights of wild and sleepless nights i guess. The foul smell of cigarettes. Laughters of ah lians, ah bengs and some other couples. Wild nights... Wild nights... The blaring of music throughout the night... Then i made my way to the bar.

"Nasi bungkus, taruh kari ikan kau kau, letak satu ayam goreng kepak, a-neh!", i cried.
"ok ok, mau minum apa?", the indian waiter asked.
"Takder minum. Bungkus saja", i smiled to him.
"Nah RM3.50 sini... thank you". I left that place.
A night in an indian curry house. Ah, the smell of curry and rotis...

Sky is not the limit...

Sky is the limit when you are sick

I am back! My project with Coca Cola company from US has finally passed its critical stage. Therefore, i am a bit relax now.

Unfortunately, I was sick for the past two weeks. Down with fever and sorethroat. My voice was quite coarse ala Darth Vader. Some said charming, some said sexy but my wife said she was like speaking to another pervert "hamsap" guy... but all the whole.. my throat was irritating. Worse, i was cut of from my usual crave which i adore very much:

i can't eat,
- Macdonald
- Nasi with curry fish paste and a fried large chicken wing
- My wife's chocolates... my bro finished it!
- Char keuy tiew
- Fried Rice
- Ever loving Malaysia delicacy... yup! Nasi Lemak

Maybe after a few weeks, i shall resume my craving. Now my taste bud is quite bland and tasteless after two weeks of medication. The antibiotic weeks.

Nurse: Take this antibiotic three times a day after meal
Me: ok
Nurse: Take this flu med 2 times a day... very sleepy wan...
Me: ok... if at night when i sleep i take.. can still make love to my wife ar?
Nurse: sure can... and...
Nurse: Take this sorethroat pill 2 times a day... after meal...
Me: ok... wah so many pills... big and small, blue and red... this only ar?
Nurse: Yes, take all. But antibiotic must finish, ok?
Me: ok...

That making love part conversation i made that up only.

My wife will kill me when she reads this. Anyway, she was also sick. From the phone she was like sniffing and coughing. That is another saucy conversation which i won't put it in here. After that, the whole week of medicine was just telan saja. Ambik. Buka mulut. Telan. By the way, i am on holiday again to rest starting from tomorrow.

See you guys again next week.

Sky is not the limit.. but it will be a limit if you are sick!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Festive and Sumptuous Deepavali Delights...

Deepavali 2005, CEO invited every board members to his house ("open house") for a sumptuous lunch. Filled with goodies and great curries. Nasi briyani was good. Even though i seldom eat nasi briyani but CEO's nasi briyani was the best... here is the menu:

Isn't it smell nice and tasted yummy... oh... it was good...

Great mutton and chicken curry... wow.. hot.. hot...

now take a closer look... those juicy and suckling good spicy chunks of chicken...

here's another one of the good stuffs of Deepavali...

Here is our COM (Chief of Macha) feasting... finger lickin' good!

Well, wouldn't i wait for another second round? In fact i had three rounds of nasi briyani and some of the curries. Not to mention the ever famous goodies of Deepavali - the muruku.

Happy Deepavali CEO and COM!

sky is not the limit...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

If I can just dream on...

How many of us here ever dream of becoming back as a child? Me for one.. really miss my childhood. I still remember that my second younger brother and me used to have a big basket full of toys (all sorts you name it... Starcom, Lego, Transformers, Robotech, Cars, Trucks, Pans, Pots, Wok, Soldiers, Tanks, He-Man and so on). But one thing that never fail to animate and entertainment ourselves when my mother was in the kitchen cooking is pretending to ninja turtle and batman.. i once did become "Masked Rider" or should i say "Baja Hitam". Don't ask me why i become so many characters. At that time, the only things we can think of were those. But i love Baja Hitam!

Once as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, i was the Michaelangelo and my brother the Donatello. Stick wielding turtle and the nunchaku turtle. We would wear the headpiece that covers our eyes. Yeah i still remember it very much. I bought it from Parkson. My headpiece was orange and my bro was purple. We would jumped from one sofa to another sofa. We thought of jumping on tables but on second thought we skipped it bcoz it was made of glass!!! We would fight each other and some times fight imaginary friends. Running around and jumping around until my mom would come out "Ah Wai shut up! Quiet!". Both of us would run up to second floor and kept quiet. Then outcome the Turtles again! Those were the days.

Then as the Batman, well, this was much funnier, i still use the turtle headpiece but i use my red color blanket as the caped! Voila! A red caped Bat-Turtle-man! Well, imagination were utilizie to the max. Underneath of the bed would be use to hide from the Joker (my brother). All this while when i think of it, my brother played the Joker. Batman did not last as long as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Came the next Baja Hitam, other than becoming character we drew them on the big art block. At this age, both of us had grown a bit taller and can jump higher. As naughty as kids would be, we went into martial arts! Hey, imagination right? So we would pretend to kick each other like the Baja Hitam and pretend to get injured. One day, being the Baja Hitam took its toll. I jumped across the sofa and landed on my right side. That moment was themost painful experience i ever got! I stretch my pelvic ligament. It was very painful! That onwards the Baja Hitam was really in the clinic.

Imagination between me and my brother did not stop there. After i left Malaysia, seems to me my second brother continued on his crusade with my third younger brother. Imagination in kids is ever flowing. i agree with www.vinchng.blogspot.com that kids world is always much fun and interesting.

I wonder what happen to my legos and the other toys.

In memory:
01. Lego
02. Starcom
03. Mask
04. Transformer
05. He-Man
06. She-Ra
07. Thundercats
08. Robotech
09. Army Tanks and The Green Soldiers
10. Cooking Utensils
11. Plastic Vegetables and Fruits
12. Play-Doh
13. Masked Riders

What about kids nowadays? i think Sony Playstation will be the word...

sky is not the limit...

Monday, November 07, 2005

SAP R/3 : Converting EXCEL into Internal Table

Recently, i got an email requesting that how would one convert an EXCEL format report into SAP file system (internal table). Normally, ABAPer can use WS_UPLOAD to upload that file from EXCEL provided that the EXCEL is saved as DAT or CSV. However, there are times that we just want to convert or get data straight from the EXCEL file itself. Yes, there are many ways to do it.

To do that, one can use function 'ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE'. This function will extract all data into one standard internal table call alsmex_tabline. This standard internal table will require ABAPer to filter the data so it can be used. Still, when you have done this portion, just be aware of how you will need to upload again from text file to be used in BDC or other process.
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SAP R/3 : ALV Page Break

It has been weeks and.. probably months having many attempts to solve the page break in an ALV report. We had tried using REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY_LVC and returning to use REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY but both still couldn't force a page break while printing invoices.
To make a page break, just set grpchgedit = 'x'. This is will set page break to it.
Solution: Then, the moment came when we found out that we need to refresh one parameter from the ALV module. That is the i_buffer_active. This i_buffer_active will store all saved layouts into the SAP system. Therefore, everytime when the user invokes an ALV report the i_buffer_active will retrieve all saved layouts. (SAP allows shared memory on all things created and saved until it is dispose).
What we did was to write an application to refresh the i_buffer_active. This is will clear out all the old layouts. Therefore, whenever you make changes to your ALV program related to layout it would be advisable to clear the i_buffer_active so you can test your new changes.
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Friday, October 07, 2005

Board of Directors (BOD)

Here in this entry i am going to introduce to everyone the Belacans of BOD. They are famous and wild like wild horses in the country of Malaysia. One is working high above god knows how many thousand kilometres above sea level, another just finish his MISSIONARY dealings from Phillipines, another one aiming to be most handsome-st BANGLA and last but not least... the guy who think he is good.. ahem.. GOD knows what...

The first Board of Directors: DEVON (have some slang bit ok... pronounce as DAY VONNN... hey mate...)

Chief of BOD aka C.E.O
You can call him DEV or Devon but anyhow... he is the man. You want to know why? He is the Manager in Genting Highland in charge of the Roulette table and other gambling units. He is The Man after Uncle Lim. Anyone who needs to the tips and tricks of the gambling from Genting Highland... well you are looking at the right man. Moreover, he is single... any beauty babes like Mallika.. well girls, you can find him standing in the middle of the casinoe overlooking a few roulette tables... Trust me... you like him more than the casino... with him, u go any where in Genting... bouncer respect you!

COC (Chief of Cool)...
As you can see from his expression at this mamak table... two hand clasped together and mind pondering... what is he pondering about... girls? money? sex? smoking? parents? movies? well, to tell you the truth that night he was listen to our Chief of BOD narrating his grand love story. COC is just listen intently... but whatever he is thinking we do not know.. most probably still thinking back his good ol's day while he is still doing missionary in Phillipines... with the girls! (ahem... Dev... shhh)

COM (Chief-of-MACHA)
As you see, from his face, after munching some ayam tandoori, he sure is macha of the machas. Chief of Machas... He is special, he growl, he sniff, and he laugh. No machas can defeat him. He is the brother and our macha. If you think you own a cool superbike.. his WFE can beat your superbike to pieces. Never underrrrr... estimate Chief of Macha... To tell you all the truth... this guy bought me a birthday cake when i was wearing a boxer... hey, i din know... so i was in the boxer when he came in the ULTRAMAN cake... i told you already.. he is the MACHA of the?... Macha of the MACHAS... you never live alone with him.

What 'bout me? i dunno... i still could'nt figure out what chief's position should i be.. maybe perhaps after i go bouts of teh tarik and a few plates of Naan, Nasi Briyani, Parrupu wadei and some again some roti "Pai" sang... u dunno what is this? ask COM... he will tell you...

The congregation only happens when CEO comes down from Genting Highland. The meeting of Board of Directors happens at irregular hours and days... Monday... in?... in BANGSAR...

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In the name of Credit Card...

Today, Raymond had a conversation with me regarding my VISA and MASTERCARD.

Raymond: So you are applying both or just either one?
William: Err... apply both lar...
Raymond: Ok man...
Raymond: Then what name you want?
William: Huh?
William: ... thinks for a while...
William: John Rambo can ar?
Raymond: .... looks at me....
Raymond: Yeah right!

I think he felt like GEDEBUSHHHHH-ing me... but then he asked me what name i want right?... John Rambo, Ninja Turtles, James Bond, David Copperfield...

Imagine, if credit cards do really have that flexibility in letting members of the public to have whatever name to be imprint on their card... i begin to wonder how creativity we all will be...

why not... Duih Nyah Singh...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who is this?...

It was a dark and stormy night, suddenly this photo appear in my folder. I look around my cubicle... no one. But this guy quite handsome also and cute. But don't be deceive...

Anyone knows this guy?

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A cuisine for your partner...

Eating is heaven, no doubt about it. I, myself, love eating and cooking. And couples who always eat out why not ask your partner to cook for you? I have always wanted to cook for my Chicky (originally chillie padi... )

Here i am going to introduce some of my cookings to you all. Hope it is healthy for everyone. In this cuisine there is no roasted pork (sui yuk). If you want sui yuk go out chop a few lar... unless your partner loves sui yuk!

1. Pandan Leave, Raisin and Nuts Rice.
- A pack fresh big raisins
- A pack of cashew nuts
- A few pandan leaves
- Two cups of rice (depending on how many servings.

Okay guys let me show you how to cook rice the standard way. Put two cups of rice into the rice pot. Wash it and rinse it a few times. Now you will need to put water into the rice pot. Normally, we use our fingers to measure how much water is in the rice pot. Sometimes, person like me i don't know how to measure with my fingers. So this is the most standard way my uncle taught me (my uncle is chef from Qantas): it is very simple: pour in number of cups of water to the number of cups of rice you put in. If you put in two cups of rice then you put in two cups of water. That is it.

Now when you have everything ready. Sprinkle some raisin into the rice. Sprinkle the cashew nuts into the rice. Make sure raisin and cashew nuts are evenly spread into the rice. Now tie the pandan leave into a small ribbon and put it into the rice. (Please make sure you wash your pandan leaves). Now you can put the rice pot into the rice cooker. Press Start Cook!

In about 20 to 30 minutes you will have a nice smell, a little sweet and nutty rice to eat! Delicious!

2. Peanut Butter Spaghetti.
- Peanut Butter
- Marjerin
- Chopped Onions
- Chopped Garlics
- black pepper
- Spaghetti

This serving is not difficult to make. First, use pot to cook the spaghetti. While cooking the spaghetti. Heat another pot with 2 small tablespoon of water. In this pot, put one medium size spoon of marjerin or cooking butter into it. Let it sizzle! Now smell it... Good isn't it? Then put in the chopped garlic, stir it for a while. Then put in the chopped onions. Stir it for a while. Let it simmer for a moment. Last put in the chopped onions. Stir it for a while.

Once the spaghetti is done put it onto the plate. The sauce in the second pot pour on top of it.

3. Peanut Butter Omellete.
- Peanut Butter
- Marjerine
- Two Fresh Eggs
- Black pepper
- Onion springs
- Onion
- garlic
- salt
- soy sauce

Chop the onion springs, slice the onions in rings, chop the garlic. Heat the pan with marjerine. After that put in the chop garlie. Let is sizzle for a while. Lower down the stove's fire. Put in the slice onions. Let it cook for a while. Then put in the two eggs. Cooked it. I am sure you guys know how to cook eggs right? Ok from here u autopilot the cooking. (During the cooking sprinkle some black pepper... but not too much... otherwise very spicy)

Now the end of it. Put the fried omellete onto a nice plate. Spread the peanut butter on top of the egg. Then sprinkle chopped onion springs onto it. Optional you can put a small cube of butter on top of the egg. Now the peanut butter omellete is ready to serve.

4. Steam fish
- a good "Pak Chong" fish or a good ikan bawal
- soy sauce
- sesame oil
- ginger
- chillie (not chopped! but slice a few to look like rings)
- a few slices of mushrooms (not those in cans)

Clean the fish for scales but ikan bawal no scales. Put this good and rich in protein fish into a big steel plate. Put in some soy sauce (banjir it.. but not so banjir... heheheh) then some sesame oil. Then put some slices of mushroom on the sides (to give taste), then sprinkle some chillie rings and slices of gingers.

The time to steam it is 15 minutes. (You can cook it 15 minutes before dinner or lunch). Once 15 minutes is up. It is hot, fresh and ready to chow down. A Taiwanese engineer once told my dad that the best time to eat fish is to steam it 15 minutes and have it straight away after that. The meat is crunchy and fresh and sweet too. Yum! Yum! Imagine the white color fresh meat of ikan bawal... ooooh....

5. Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken
- chillie
- onion
- garlic
- soy sauce
- chicken drumstick, breast and wings.

6. Chicken soup with foxbat fruit, barley, bawang putih, black pepper, and hong chou...
- hong chou
- kei chi (foxbat fruit)
- chopped bawang putih
- black pepper
- barley
- tomatoe
- carrot
Chopped the one tomatoe, slice one carrot, chopped bawang putih and put into one big pot (cukup for two person lar... ). Then boil it. While you are at it, put in hong chou, kei chi, some black pepper and barley. Let it boil.
Good and nutritious... hehehehehehe.. my favourite BOH! Soup Boleh! My brother loves it! Proven by Jason Yau. Eh i have to get some recognition here right?

7. Chillie and black pepper fried rice.
- rice
- chopped chillie
- black pepper
- chopped garlic
- chopped onions
- egg.
- basil leaves.
Hehehee... this part i love most. Take out your WOK. Heat it up. Put in some cooking oil. No we are not using marjerin! Let the oil heat up first. Make sure your WOK is real hot. Then dump in chopped garlic and chope onions. Then basil leave (chopped). Stir fry a bit. Then dump in your rice (make sure your rice are loose - so it is easy to stir fry it). How do you loose the rice? You don't know? Ok here is the method:

Use a clean plastic bag (clear).
Cover it over your hand.
Now squash the rice! (not squash lar... just squash a bit so the rice is loose lar)

Stir fried the rice. Then dump in the egg. Let the egg fried a bit. (one not enough? put two)
Then dump in the chopped chillie... put in the black pepper...

stir fried the rice... after u stir fried enough.. eat it!

9. Meatball with cheese filling, chicken and chopped onion.

... wait i need to ask my mom for this recipe... i do not know how to do it... only my mom!

Now you have it one sumptuous lunch or dinner for your partner... Hehehe.. about the last part... go buy from the Italian Pasta!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

Drive Safe Man!

I am a kind of guy who will dig his booger while driving and listen to his chillie padi's Stephanie Sun, then swear at other idiot car drivers from PJ to Sri Damansara and Sri Damansara to PJ.

While he is happily digging his booger and driving, he will day dream! Dangerous right? Yeah, damn seriously insane dangerous. Never do this. Occasionally he will daydream while driving.

But if you do meet him on the road (Sri Damansara - PJ - Sri Damansara) please remember to do the following below:

1. Do not drive too slow on the fast lane.

2. Do not cut/overtake him without giving him the courtesy.
(Well... if you give me the universal courtesy... i will be very glad to reciprocate finely)
3. Do not horn him from behind if he is correct else i will give you the universal finger!
4. Do not think he is soft even though he is driving a little KANCIL...

The last time it happen i had put it here http://www.biongroup.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=278

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Game Development(GD) Experience...

I have been meddling with developing games (GD) for the past two years. From a simple two player English chess, a few tic tac toes and a maze game to an online game. But recently, i had not been able to continue with an online game.
I can't say i am the expert... but just a beginner...

Because i haven't receive enlightment on GD yet... do you know why i love programming so much? i once receive an enlightment... i tell you about it later... it has something to do with "the sky is not the limit"

ERP programming and GAME programming is total two
different worlds. If you think you are good at ERP programming

and you should be
good at game programming then you are wrong!

Here is my chronology in game development: (though not so great... but it gives me full satisfaction)
1. English Chess (two person) - 2001. (not commercialized)
2. Englsh Chess (two person) - 2003. (not commercialized an improve version of 2001)
3. Tic Tac Toe - 2004.
4. A maze. 2004
5. Shoot the Space Boogers. 2004 (arcade version)
5. Online game (not successful - project was wasted)

when i think back of my online game development adventure, i have learnt many things:
1. One must be determine and have a list of goals and objective layout.
2. Understand the online gaming terminology
3. A good game storyline
4. A good grasp of technicality in online protocol for games to communicate
5. A good grasp of programming skill in programming game logic and game engine
6. A good grasp of database skill
7. A good grasp in graphic and character development in games
8. A good grasp in development game background environment.
9. A good grasp in game ergonomics
10. A good grasp in game design.

Above i have set many things that i learnt so far from my game development. My last game development had left me felt so: -
1. sad.
2. loss in fund.
3. emotional wreck.

Fortunately, i have learnt many things from it about game development. It has set me a standard in my programming life.

Game development is no one person job. It requires a whole team to work with. Team must be commmitted and are clear of their objectives. I did the thing alone...

I must say i did had their vision and their logic ... and my logic understood theirs too... but i just could not go on... Months of development... now left un-finish...

Coming up with a board environment, character, rules, connectivity and communication protocol, database design... was really time consuming. Games are not developed in 4 months... but years and years of planning and development.

Unfortunately i was the only person who are doing all these... programming was cool... I love programming very much... and i adore it... but overdoing it can really kill...

My advise for those who are doing game programming... better make clear of your commitment... coz you are going in for ROLLER COASTER ride...

i have posted a similar post here http://www.biongroup.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=294

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

SAP R/3 : Combining Two Transparent Table... SE11

This problem had been left unsolved for almost two months. Now i am able to solve it.
Thanks Mr. Jackie Lee Seng Yong who had also
help to solve this problem and
Mr Yip Wai Yen who suggested this creative
The problem or client requested was to able maintain two transparent table when they do transaction. After solving this problem, we have now two type of solutions to it. The first is to use coding to update both tables. The other one, is to create a VIEW to update both tables.
This is the second solution that both three of us had been trying. Now we had done it. Here will be the following steps to perform the process. Note: with the second solution, ABAPer will not need to write coding.

TCODE involves:
1. SE11
2. SM30
3. Development class: $TMP. (not allow to transport)
1. Create 1st transparent table.
2. Add the following fields (example only): Mandt, ebeln, matnr.
3. Create 2nd transparent table.
4. Add the following fields (example only): Mandt, ebeln, sgtxt.
5. Make a foreign key in 2nd transparent table.
6. Use ebeln in 2nd transparent table as the foreign key pointing the first.
7. Use cardinality 1 : 1.
8. Generate both of these two tables.
9. Create a view.
10. Input 1st transparent table.
11. Then in relationship select 2nd transparent table
12. All columns will be automatically generated.
13. In fields tab, select the tab that you want to fill or maintain.
14. Generate view.
15. Now you can go to SM30 to do the maintenance.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Life is...

Many years has passed since my first step into a university. I just could not describe how it feels to go from one university to another university. And remembering the life i had, the story goes like,

"Many years ago while i was living in some remote area near my university, i used to worry a lot from studies to relationships. Studies was like i do not know where i am going. After transfer from a double degree (finance and accounting) to IT degree, my life just make a turn. I know nuts on hardware and idiot on programming. Scary isn't it. Well, then relationship, i suck at it. At that time, i can only just admire people going out in couple every Friday night or week day's evening. Couples eating together. For me, i am like a hantu in the uni. The only place i haunt:
1. Computer Lab
2. Library
3. My room.
So, what the f**k... at least i have my group of mariachas (comrade Lee and comrade Loy) then another bangla from Kepong (macha Abeer). Of course with this mariachas and handsome self proclaim Bollywood bangla Abeer life with them was never a dull moment. With these three amigoes, we will haunt the movie theatres and KFC and Macdonald. After four years, everybody graduated and left to find their own paths and ways.
Amigo Loy and Amigo William - worked in a same company, then i left, he stayed. Then he left for a new career.
Amigo Lee - went on to work in Maybank then to another company and stayed there.
Amigo Bangla - now working with me in a same company for a new career.
Amigo Loy - found his soul partner, career.
Amigo Lee - found his soul partner, South Africa.
Amigo Bangla - found his soul partner, wanting to start his own company.
Amigo William - found his soul partner, career and a little cute chillie padi*.
* this person is very cute and lovely.
Then, life still goes on. I wonder what will be next thing to happen... that each of everyone will take in the next five years.
Amigo Loy - probably married his girlfriend and make babies and go become consultant.
Amigo Lee - probably in South Africa shooting pictures of lions and giraffes.
Bangla Abeer - probably tie the thali and go become consultant.
What about enlightment? to me, just be honest and be true to yourself. Do not compare with others but work the way up with your best.

devilwitattitude said...
Hey, talk about me alsolarr...Make me kembang abit...Muwahahahaha
12:11 PM

william said...
Dun worry man... you are coming up in the next issue special issue...

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Monday...

Monday blues blues blues... after two days of weekends that seem to be like two years away is like getting my head wobbled. Morning started off with a headache. Got to prepare for tomorrow's subjective quiz (15 questions) for material management. oh my god!... Quiz.. Quiz... i hate quizzes... Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Study Study Study...

From my mom
Back in secondary school...
mom: Studay hard ah wai... so you can go into university and get a job.

Later in university...
mom: Study hard ah wai... so you can graduate... and work...

Now working...
mom: Don't remember to pay bills, car bills, house bills, etc...

From my dad
Back in secondary school...
dad: don't waste my money...

Later in university...
dad: don't waste my money...

Now working...
dad: don't ask money from me...

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Friday, September 16, 2005

- hide on September 17, 2005

- hide on September 17, 2005 -
Software Wife 1.0 has automatically ban all private messages to the public and all pertaining materials to it.
Sorry for the inconvenience...
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

SAP R/3 : CJI3 (SAPLKAEP + PS05)...

This modification of SAP standard is none other than the good ALV reporting program. Readers who are non SAP user would want to know that ALV stands for ABAP List Viewer. However, non SAP user would also want to know that ABAP stands for Advance Business Application Program. ABAP is a programming language for SAP... Ok ok.. i think from my previous post... readers should know by now... back to the main topic.
How did I manage to modify an ALV standard report?
Problem: User request to add in a vendor no. and a vendor name to ALV standard list box. This list box allows user to make changes to their reporting layout. By default, that two items is not there. Even if it is there, it is under Offset Account No and Name of Offsetting Account. This task was assign to me without informing me that vendor id and vendor name is under the other two fields. It took me painfully 5 days to make the changes. By that time, i was only told about it... i only used 2 days.
Here is the solution:
1. Add any fields that you want to add to a structure table (KAEP_COEP_X... i am using my case)
2. Then search for the SELECT function in SAPLKAEP.
3. Do the processing and send the data back to vendor id and vendor name.
That is it.
Simple right? But it took me almost 5 days...
sky is not the limit...

That 28 days and 3 hours of A WEEK...

click... click... click... click..
oh i haven't been blogging for quite sometime...
1. Saint Luis Obispo High School SAP R/3 ALV report modification
(No of headache-ed days: 8 days straight)
2. - Censored deem to raunchy -
(No of relaxation and happy days: 6 days and 3 hours)
3. Away in Ipoh to take care of my brother
(ma and pa went to UK, Switzerland, Germany days: 2 weeks)
Like i have been away from the company for O-N-E year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might as well restart this portion...
It has been quite a while that i had stop blogging. My days were busied with my wife and trying to complete assignments as fast as possible to Saint Luis Obispo High School's SAP system. It was arguably one of the most longest programming hours i did. Modification of standard SAP programs. Not easy. During that week while i was busy typing away, -... censored! censored!... snip... snip... hehehehe... -
So came back to KL, i still have to complete the rest of the solution (in San Bernardino System migrate) to Saint Luis Obispo system. It was a very challenging task and i must really say, it was a worthy project. Finally, Nathan gave me the green light. It was done! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
My face looked haggard, hair unkempt, eyes droppy, blur-blur (*_*) and thank god... i managed to shave my face this morning... Otherwise, i scared off everybody. HANTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reality... Reality... Reality...
Software Wife 1.0. monitoring scripts. Certain portion has been censored.
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