Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Men's eyes and Ladie's eyes... any difference?

Lately, my colleague nudged me in IM had a good conversation, after that i kept wondering about how women and men see pictures. She sent me a picture of a woman. So i saw the picture that has a beautiful girl in it. Blond and has a sexy smile. Of course, the girl is very appealing. After that, i was told that the bag was beautiful! Where is the bag?! My god! So the picture is an ad selling a bag... i did not see the bag... oh the bag was held by the girl at one corner... Below is the conversation:
@round Th3 World just sent you a Nudge!

@round Th3 World says: ha ha ha
@round Th3 World says: err…
@round Th3 World says: the bag nice?
Ultraman says: which bag?
Ultraman says: oh u mean that bag..
Ultraman says: ok gua..
@round Th3 World says: yalah..
@round Th3 World says: ha ha ha ha ha ha
@round Th3 World says: ha ha ha ha
Ultraman says: hahaha
@round Th3 World says: sure u cannot see
@round Th3 World says: my fren said the gal pretty
@round Th3 World says: come on
@round Th3 World says: the main point in pic is the bag
Ultraman says: i agree the girl is pretty
@round Th3 World says: i think this is the difference between gal n guy
Ultraman says: honestly, when i look at the pic.. i see the girl
Ultraman says: ka ka ka
Ultraman says: i think the girl is there to con husbands into buying bag for their wifes
Ultraman says: if you see the logic like this,
wife: buy me this beg la, sayang
husband: (looking and admiring at the girl) yes... yes...

Ultraman says: logical right?
@round Th3 World says: walaueh...
@round Th3 World says: when i see the pic
@round Th3 World says: i see the bag only
@round Th3 World says: u ah...
Ultraman says: hehehehehehehe...

I think man in nature do see things differently from girls. I admit that i see things some times as what man sees. if you give me a CLEO or FEMALE magazine i think i'll be watching at beautiful ladies or babes-lar, skimming through it and will never get to know the magazine's valuable contents and knowledge. Give me a poster with girls in it i think i will look at those girls first... i hope my wife won't shoot me for this...

sky is not the limit...

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