Friday, December 23, 2005

King Kong ROX...

Watched King Kong yesterday night with wife and my low expectation for a remake movie was wrong. It turned out good! In comparison to the 70s, this King Kong ROCKS! I must say that the film is quite long (3 hours). It took the film one hour before the famous silverback gorilla is brought into the picture. But, there is always a but, once the movie introduced this silverbackie the adventure begins to the end. The ending was sad. King Kong was shot down by military planes. He was bitten down neither by T-Rexes nor carnivourous bats but modern fighting machines.

Today, my friend had a conversation with me, mindless and mou lei tou (nonsence) chat about King Kong. Have you ever thought that Peter Jackson did in fact injected some LOTR into King Kong or how about a King Kong trilogy (KK: The Trilogy). Just like LOTR. Below is the mindless conversation but it sounded good: (Juan Roman Riquelme and King Kong in motion)

Juan Roman Riquelme says: brother
Juan Roman Riquelme says: u watched kk oredi??
King Kong says:
Juan Roman Riquelme says: wat u think??
King Kong says: cool man
King Kong says: u watch oredy
King Kong says: worth watching and buy the dvd too
King Kong says: very worth it
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i watched oredi
King Kong says: cool

... chat editted...

King Kong says: just the dinosaur part
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i think the producer purposely wanna drag the movie
King Kong says: bunuh t-rex macam buka durian
Juan Roman Riquelme says: tat part is cool....the graphics
Juan Roman Riquelme says: but the story actually can be shorter.....
King Kong says: yup.. the way kk try to pry open the t-rex mouth to kill them
Juan Roman Riquelme says: dragging....
King Kong says: well, all i know is at the end my back row ladies all crying
Juan Roman Riquelme says: hahahaha
King Kong says: sebab itu gorila mati

... chat editted again ...

Juan Roman Riquelme says: yah...ladies like King Kong a lot

... chat editted again ...

King Kong says: just that the worm part where jack driscoe kena serang.. that one extra lar
King Kong says: i think that one drag the movie
King Kong says: original mana ada serangga serang human
King Kong says: u know the one where giant cockcroaches, worms, and etc
King Kong says: that one pretty scary
King Kong says: on the overall, not bad lar.. considering peter jackson..
Juan Roman Riquelme says: the movie is ok
Juan Roman Riquelme says: just the dragging part lorr
King Kong says: which part u think is dragging?
Juan Roman Riquelme says: after 1 hour only the big guy came out
King Kong says: oh i c.
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i mean the came out only after 1 hour??
King Kong says: .. peter jackson.. mar.. maybe he too accustom to do LOTR trilogy
Juan Roman Riquelme says: ya ya
King Kong says: :P
King Kong says: nanti peter jackson do KK: Trilogy ( King Kong : Trilogy )
King Kong says: KK 2: The SON
King Kong says: KK 3 : The Reborn
King Kong says: KK 2 : tells the hidden story between Ann and King Kong make love and she born King Kong's son.. Then King Kong's son goes to NY to look Ann..
King Kong says: KK 3 : the native in Skull Island revive KK because they are too bosan!
King Kong says: what do you think?
Juan Roman Riquelme says: damn man
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i mean the big guy oredi 30 feet tall
King Kong says: aiya.. KK masturbate.. drown ANN with his sperm lar.. then some sperm swim into her womb lar
Juan Roman Riquelme says: u crazy man
King Kong says: that is why there was one part, Jack Driscoe found both of them asleep together mar...
Juan Roman Riquelme says: tat is too much man
King Kong says: crazy? No lar... have u seen such a big ape?
King Kong says: why not? Anything is possible...
Juan Roman Riquelme says: Peter Jackson will get whack when the movie comes out
King Kong says: story mar!
King Kong says: :P
Juan Roman Riquelme says: i will be the first to drown him wif sperm
King Kong says: o_O"
King Kong says: peter jackson say, " i wanna put some LOTR element in KK.. so there will be trilogy"
King Kong says: that is why u see a group of shipmates and the film crew go save Ann (just like the fellowship... hehehe... )
King Kong says: and some ogres look alike (native) living in Skull Island
King Kong says: then u see KK go to mountain (mount Doom) to see sun set with Ann
Juan Roman Riquelme says: the next movie is willi the king kong
King Kong says: that is connection dude..
Juan Roman Riquelme says: like hulk... la....when angry will change
King Kong says: diu
Juan Roman Riquelme says: but when willi angry will change to king kong
King Kong says: yah. yah..

Mindless right? Cheers.. this conversation just mindless but it took place today morning...

Sky is not the limit... go watch King Kong climb The Empire State's Building!

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