Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Personal Christmas Wish...

Here is the wish list that i want for Christmas:
01. Increase pay with bonus
02. Increase annual holiday
03. Increase remuneration
04. Increase annual holiday
05. Bigger cubicle
06. Reduce car loan
07. Reduce petrol price
08. Reduce Amcorp's parking fee
09. Reduce Amcorp's food price
10. Increase food variety in Amcorp
11. Reduce my personal debt
12. Increase my facial hair so i can be like wolverine... right now, i am ok lar
13. Increase my height a bit
14. Reduce my weight to 64kg... so it will be idea.. now i am 66... still ok lar
15. upgrade my notebook
16. upgrade my apartment to a bungalow
17. upgrade my car to a private jet.. Nissan_shift's MURANO
That will be all for my Christmas’s wish list...
Merry christmas.

sky is not the limit...

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