Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sky is the limit when you are sick

I am back! My project with Coca Cola company from US has finally passed its critical stage. Therefore, i am a bit relax now.

Unfortunately, I was sick for the past two weeks. Down with fever and sorethroat. My voice was quite coarse ala Darth Vader. Some said charming, some said sexy but my wife said she was like speaking to another pervert "hamsap" guy... but all the whole.. my throat was irritating. Worse, i was cut of from my usual crave which i adore very much:

i can't eat,
- Macdonald
- Nasi with curry fish paste and a fried large chicken wing
- My wife's chocolates... my bro finished it!
- Char keuy tiew
- Fried Rice
- Ever loving Malaysia delicacy... yup! Nasi Lemak

Maybe after a few weeks, i shall resume my craving. Now my taste bud is quite bland and tasteless after two weeks of medication. The antibiotic weeks.

Nurse: Take this antibiotic three times a day after meal
Me: ok
Nurse: Take this flu med 2 times a day... very sleepy wan...
Me: ok... if at night when i sleep i take.. can still make love to my wife ar?
Nurse: sure can... and...
Nurse: Take this sorethroat pill 2 times a day... after meal...
Me: ok... wah so many pills... big and small, blue and red... this only ar?
Nurse: Yes, take all. But antibiotic must finish, ok?
Me: ok...

That making love part conversation i made that up only.

My wife will kill me when she reads this. Anyway, she was also sick. From the phone she was like sniffing and coughing. That is another saucy conversation which i won't put it in here. After that, the whole week of medicine was just telan saja. Ambik. Buka mulut. Telan. By the way, i am on holiday again to rest starting from tomorrow.

See you guys again next week.

Sky is not the limit.. but it will be a limit if you are sick!

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