Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who is this?...

It was a dark and stormy night, suddenly this photo appear in my folder. I look around my cubicle... no one. But this guy quite handsome also and cute. But don't be deceive...

Anyone knows this guy?

the sky is not the limit...

A cuisine for your partner...

Eating is heaven, no doubt about it. I, myself, love eating and cooking. And couples who always eat out why not ask your partner to cook for you? I have always wanted to cook for my Chicky (originally chillie padi... )

Here i am going to introduce some of my cookings to you all. Hope it is healthy for everyone. In this cuisine there is no roasted pork (sui yuk). If you want sui yuk go out chop a few lar... unless your partner loves sui yuk!

1. Pandan Leave, Raisin and Nuts Rice.
- A pack fresh big raisins
- A pack of cashew nuts
- A few pandan leaves
- Two cups of rice (depending on how many servings.

Okay guys let me show you how to cook rice the standard way. Put two cups of rice into the rice pot. Wash it and rinse it a few times. Now you will need to put water into the rice pot. Normally, we use our fingers to measure how much water is in the rice pot. Sometimes, person like me i don't know how to measure with my fingers. So this is the most standard way my uncle taught me (my uncle is chef from Qantas): it is very simple: pour in number of cups of water to the number of cups of rice you put in. If you put in two cups of rice then you put in two cups of water. That is it.

Now when you have everything ready. Sprinkle some raisin into the rice. Sprinkle the cashew nuts into the rice. Make sure raisin and cashew nuts are evenly spread into the rice. Now tie the pandan leave into a small ribbon and put it into the rice. (Please make sure you wash your pandan leaves). Now you can put the rice pot into the rice cooker. Press Start Cook!

In about 20 to 30 minutes you will have a nice smell, a little sweet and nutty rice to eat! Delicious!

2. Peanut Butter Spaghetti.
- Peanut Butter
- Marjerin
- Chopped Onions
- Chopped Garlics
- black pepper
- Spaghetti

This serving is not difficult to make. First, use pot to cook the spaghetti. While cooking the spaghetti. Heat another pot with 2 small tablespoon of water. In this pot, put one medium size spoon of marjerin or cooking butter into it. Let it sizzle! Now smell it... Good isn't it? Then put in the chopped garlic, stir it for a while. Then put in the chopped onions. Stir it for a while. Let it simmer for a moment. Last put in the chopped onions. Stir it for a while.

Once the spaghetti is done put it onto the plate. The sauce in the second pot pour on top of it.

3. Peanut Butter Omellete.
- Peanut Butter
- Marjerine
- Two Fresh Eggs
- Black pepper
- Onion springs
- Onion
- garlic
- salt
- soy sauce

Chop the onion springs, slice the onions in rings, chop the garlic. Heat the pan with marjerine. After that put in the chop garlie. Let is sizzle for a while. Lower down the stove's fire. Put in the slice onions. Let it cook for a while. Then put in the two eggs. Cooked it. I am sure you guys know how to cook eggs right? Ok from here u autopilot the cooking. (During the cooking sprinkle some black pepper... but not too much... otherwise very spicy)

Now the end of it. Put the fried omellete onto a nice plate. Spread the peanut butter on top of the egg. Then sprinkle chopped onion springs onto it. Optional you can put a small cube of butter on top of the egg. Now the peanut butter omellete is ready to serve.

4. Steam fish
- a good "Pak Chong" fish or a good ikan bawal
- soy sauce
- sesame oil
- ginger
- chillie (not chopped! but slice a few to look like rings)
- a few slices of mushrooms (not those in cans)

Clean the fish for scales but ikan bawal no scales. Put this good and rich in protein fish into a big steel plate. Put in some soy sauce (banjir it.. but not so banjir... heheheh) then some sesame oil. Then put some slices of mushroom on the sides (to give taste), then sprinkle some chillie rings and slices of gingers.

The time to steam it is 15 minutes. (You can cook it 15 minutes before dinner or lunch). Once 15 minutes is up. It is hot, fresh and ready to chow down. A Taiwanese engineer once told my dad that the best time to eat fish is to steam it 15 minutes and have it straight away after that. The meat is crunchy and fresh and sweet too. Yum! Yum! Imagine the white color fresh meat of ikan bawal... ooooh....

5. Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken
- chillie
- onion
- garlic
- soy sauce
- chicken drumstick, breast and wings.

6. Chicken soup with foxbat fruit, barley, bawang putih, black pepper, and hong chou...
- hong chou
- kei chi (foxbat fruit)
- chopped bawang putih
- black pepper
- barley
- tomatoe
- carrot
Chopped the one tomatoe, slice one carrot, chopped bawang putih and put into one big pot (cukup for two person lar... ). Then boil it. While you are at it, put in hong chou, kei chi, some black pepper and barley. Let it boil.
Good and nutritious... hehehehehehe.. my favourite BOH! Soup Boleh! My brother loves it! Proven by Jason Yau. Eh i have to get some recognition here right?

7. Chillie and black pepper fried rice.
- rice
- chopped chillie
- black pepper
- chopped garlic
- chopped onions
- egg.
- basil leaves.
Hehehee... this part i love most. Take out your WOK. Heat it up. Put in some cooking oil. No we are not using marjerin! Let the oil heat up first. Make sure your WOK is real hot. Then dump in chopped garlic and chope onions. Then basil leave (chopped). Stir fry a bit. Then dump in your rice (make sure your rice are loose - so it is easy to stir fry it). How do you loose the rice? You don't know? Ok here is the method:

Use a clean plastic bag (clear).
Cover it over your hand.
Now squash the rice! (not squash lar... just squash a bit so the rice is loose lar)

Stir fried the rice. Then dump in the egg. Let the egg fried a bit. (one not enough? put two)
Then dump in the chopped chillie... put in the black pepper...

stir fried the rice... after u stir fried enough.. eat it!

9. Meatball with cheese filling, chicken and chopped onion.

... wait i need to ask my mom for this recipe... i do not know how to do it... only my mom!

Now you have it one sumptuous lunch or dinner for your partner... Hehehe.. about the last part... go buy from the Italian Pasta!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

Drive Safe Man!

I am a kind of guy who will dig his booger while driving and listen to his chillie padi's Stephanie Sun, then swear at other idiot car drivers from PJ to Sri Damansara and Sri Damansara to PJ.

While he is happily digging his booger and driving, he will day dream! Dangerous right? Yeah, damn seriously insane dangerous. Never do this. Occasionally he will daydream while driving.

But if you do meet him on the road (Sri Damansara - PJ - Sri Damansara) please remember to do the following below:

1. Do not drive too slow on the fast lane.

2. Do not cut/overtake him without giving him the courtesy.
(Well... if you give me the universal courtesy... i will be very glad to reciprocate finely)
3. Do not horn him from behind if he is correct else i will give you the universal finger!
4. Do not think he is soft even though he is driving a little KANCIL...

The last time it happen i had put it here

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Game Development(GD) Experience...

I have been meddling with developing games (GD) for the past two years. From a simple two player English chess, a few tic tac toes and a maze game to an online game. But recently, i had not been able to continue with an online game.
I can't say i am the expert... but just a beginner...

Because i haven't receive enlightment on GD yet... do you know why i love programming so much? i once receive an enlightment... i tell you about it later... it has something to do with "the sky is not the limit"

ERP programming and GAME programming is total two
different worlds. If you think you are good at ERP programming

and you should be
good at game programming then you are wrong!

Here is my chronology in game development: (though not so great... but it gives me full satisfaction)
1. English Chess (two person) - 2001. (not commercialized)
2. Englsh Chess (two person) - 2003. (not commercialized an improve version of 2001)
3. Tic Tac Toe - 2004.
4. A maze. 2004
5. Shoot the Space Boogers. 2004 (arcade version)
5. Online game (not successful - project was wasted)

when i think back of my online game development adventure, i have learnt many things:
1. One must be determine and have a list of goals and objective layout.
2. Understand the online gaming terminology
3. A good game storyline
4. A good grasp of technicality in online protocol for games to communicate
5. A good grasp of programming skill in programming game logic and game engine
6. A good grasp of database skill
7. A good grasp in graphic and character development in games
8. A good grasp in development game background environment.
9. A good grasp in game ergonomics
10. A good grasp in game design.

Above i have set many things that i learnt so far from my game development. My last game development had left me felt so: -
1. sad.
2. loss in fund.
3. emotional wreck.

Fortunately, i have learnt many things from it about game development. It has set me a standard in my programming life.

Game development is no one person job. It requires a whole team to work with. Team must be commmitted and are clear of their objectives. I did the thing alone...

I must say i did had their vision and their logic ... and my logic understood theirs too... but i just could not go on... Months of development... now left un-finish...

Coming up with a board environment, character, rules, connectivity and communication protocol, database design... was really time consuming. Games are not developed in 4 months... but years and years of planning and development.

Unfortunately i was the only person who are doing all these... programming was cool... I love programming very much... and i adore it... but overdoing it can really kill...

My advise for those who are doing game programming... better make clear of your commitment... coz you are going in for ROLLER COASTER ride...

i have posted a similar post here

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

SAP R/3 : Combining Two Transparent Table... SE11

This problem had been left unsolved for almost two months. Now i am able to solve it.
Thanks Mr. Jackie Lee Seng Yong who had also
help to solve this problem and
Mr Yip Wai Yen who suggested this creative
The problem or client requested was to able maintain two transparent table when they do transaction. After solving this problem, we have now two type of solutions to it. The first is to use coding to update both tables. The other one, is to create a VIEW to update both tables.
This is the second solution that both three of us had been trying. Now we had done it. Here will be the following steps to perform the process. Note: with the second solution, ABAPer will not need to write coding.

TCODE involves:
1. SE11
2. SM30
3. Development class: $TMP. (not allow to transport)
1. Create 1st transparent table.
2. Add the following fields (example only): Mandt, ebeln, matnr.
3. Create 2nd transparent table.
4. Add the following fields (example only): Mandt, ebeln, sgtxt.
5. Make a foreign key in 2nd transparent table.
6. Use ebeln in 2nd transparent table as the foreign key pointing the first.
7. Use cardinality 1 : 1.
8. Generate both of these two tables.
9. Create a view.
10. Input 1st transparent table.
11. Then in relationship select 2nd transparent table
12. All columns will be automatically generated.
13. In fields tab, select the tab that you want to fill or maintain.
14. Generate view.
15. Now you can go to SM30 to do the maintenance.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Life is...

Many years has passed since my first step into a university. I just could not describe how it feels to go from one university to another university. And remembering the life i had, the story goes like,

"Many years ago while i was living in some remote area near my university, i used to worry a lot from studies to relationships. Studies was like i do not know where i am going. After transfer from a double degree (finance and accounting) to IT degree, my life just make a turn. I know nuts on hardware and idiot on programming. Scary isn't it. Well, then relationship, i suck at it. At that time, i can only just admire people going out in couple every Friday night or week day's evening. Couples eating together. For me, i am like a hantu in the uni. The only place i haunt:
1. Computer Lab
2. Library
3. My room.
So, what the f**k... at least i have my group of mariachas (comrade Lee and comrade Loy) then another bangla from Kepong (macha Abeer). Of course with this mariachas and handsome self proclaim Bollywood bangla Abeer life with them was never a dull moment. With these three amigoes, we will haunt the movie theatres and KFC and Macdonald. After four years, everybody graduated and left to find their own paths and ways.
Amigo Loy and Amigo William - worked in a same company, then i left, he stayed. Then he left for a new career.
Amigo Lee - went on to work in Maybank then to another company and stayed there.
Amigo Bangla - now working with me in a same company for a new career.
Amigo Loy - found his soul partner, career.
Amigo Lee - found his soul partner, South Africa.
Amigo Bangla - found his soul partner, wanting to start his own company.
Amigo William - found his soul partner, career and a little cute chillie padi*.
* this person is very cute and lovely.
Then, life still goes on. I wonder what will be next thing to happen... that each of everyone will take in the next five years.
Amigo Loy - probably married his girlfriend and make babies and go become consultant.
Amigo Lee - probably in South Africa shooting pictures of lions and giraffes.
Bangla Abeer - probably tie the thali and go become consultant.
What about enlightment? to me, just be honest and be true to yourself. Do not compare with others but work the way up with your best.

devilwitattitude said...
Hey, talk about me alsolarr...Make me kembang abit...Muwahahahaha
12:11 PM

william said...
Dun worry man... you are coming up in the next issue special issue...

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Monday...

Monday blues blues blues... after two days of weekends that seem to be like two years away is like getting my head wobbled. Morning started off with a headache. Got to prepare for tomorrow's subjective quiz (15 questions) for material management. oh my god!... Quiz.. Quiz... i hate quizzes... Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Study Study Study...

From my mom
Back in secondary school...
mom: Studay hard ah wai... so you can go into university and get a job.

Later in university...
mom: Study hard ah wai... so you can graduate... and work...

Now working...
mom: Don't remember to pay bills, car bills, house bills, etc...

From my dad
Back in secondary school...
dad: don't waste my money...

Later in university...
dad: don't waste my money...

Now working...
dad: don't ask money from me...

sky is not the limit...

Friday, September 16, 2005

- hide on September 17, 2005

- hide on September 17, 2005 -
Software Wife 1.0 has automatically ban all private messages to the public and all pertaining materials to it.
Sorry for the inconvenience...
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

SAP R/3 : CJI3 (SAPLKAEP + PS05)...

This modification of SAP standard is none other than the good ALV reporting program. Readers who are non SAP user would want to know that ALV stands for ABAP List Viewer. However, non SAP user would also want to know that ABAP stands for Advance Business Application Program. ABAP is a programming language for SAP... Ok ok.. i think from my previous post... readers should know by now... back to the main topic.
How did I manage to modify an ALV standard report?
Problem: User request to add in a vendor no. and a vendor name to ALV standard list box. This list box allows user to make changes to their reporting layout. By default, that two items is not there. Even if it is there, it is under Offset Account No and Name of Offsetting Account. This task was assign to me without informing me that vendor id and vendor name is under the other two fields. It took me painfully 5 days to make the changes. By that time, i was only told about it... i only used 2 days.
Here is the solution:
1. Add any fields that you want to add to a structure table (KAEP_COEP_X... i am using my case)
2. Then search for the SELECT function in SAPLKAEP.
3. Do the processing and send the data back to vendor id and vendor name.
That is it.
Simple right? But it took me almost 5 days...
sky is not the limit...

That 28 days and 3 hours of A WEEK...

click... click... click... click..
oh i haven't been blogging for quite sometime...
1. Saint Luis Obispo High School SAP R/3 ALV report modification
(No of headache-ed days: 8 days straight)
2. - Censored deem to raunchy -
(No of relaxation and happy days: 6 days and 3 hours)
3. Away in Ipoh to take care of my brother
(ma and pa went to UK, Switzerland, Germany days: 2 weeks)
Like i have been away from the company for O-N-E year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might as well restart this portion...
It has been quite a while that i had stop blogging. My days were busied with my wife and trying to complete assignments as fast as possible to Saint Luis Obispo High School's SAP system. It was arguably one of the most longest programming hours i did. Modification of standard SAP programs. Not easy. During that week while i was busy typing away, -... censored! censored!... snip... snip... hehehehe... -
So came back to KL, i still have to complete the rest of the solution (in San Bernardino System migrate) to Saint Luis Obispo system. It was a very challenging task and i must really say, it was a worthy project. Finally, Nathan gave me the green light. It was done! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
My face looked haggard, hair unkempt, eyes droppy, blur-blur (*_*) and thank god... i managed to shave my face this morning... Otherwise, i scared off everybody. HANTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reality... Reality... Reality...
Software Wife 1.0. monitoring scripts. Certain portion has been censored.
sky is not the limit...