Thursday, March 31, 2005

Continuation of My story...

I started my server programming learning java server pages. It was one hell of a time. Project to complete but still learning how to programming. A friend drop by told me that i was climbing up the wrong tree. He advised me to switch to Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages). I did like he told. In a week of learning still, i manage to program ASP (VBscript) without looking at books. Sometimes, i still need like looking for new functions. You can ask Abeer coz i show him how i program a chart out from scratch. Though i am happy i am able to program ASP and finish the project but that have spurned me to learn more of programming.

At this point of the time, i was in love with ASP. COnnecting to small RDBMS like the everyone's favourite MS ACCESS. This is where i also gotta to learn about DSN and DSN less connectivity. So much things that i have learnt and wish that i could demonstrate here. My learning and usage of VBScript did not stop there. I went ahead to do free lance. My first free lance was to do a login and registration ASP page. That was the most memorable free lance coz i did a few things like ASP CDONTS - email. I talk to EMERGE about hosting, configuring their database and so on. I completed that free lance.

So now happily equipped with just one programming language i was walking on top of the world. However, i was wrong. MORE TO COME.

By the way, i did manage to do JSP (Java Server Page). Something that i have to smile at myself. I did JSP with Dreamweaver MX and JRUN for my Advanced Java Project in my final year. I am glad and proud of myself to do that even though i have abandon learning it previously.

Though not a big project... still helps to boost my confidence level. Abeer was there and i was happy. I show him "Export and Import System" - a whole website written in JSP.. Cool!

Anyhow... sky is not the limit.

I continue later with my working experience and that is where i get all the
the sky is not the limit...

My Programming Story

When i started my very first web server programming i din know what are the languages available... and what is more to say is that what is web server programming or what is website programming. All i know is that i know how to surf the website and use the hotmail and yahoo. So begin my journey to the world of programming.

My very first program was a simple hello world program. It was written in visual basic and i learnt this very first program when i was studying in Sydney. It wasnt tough. Strangely i always wonder why would i switch my degree from Finance and Accounting to Information System degree. Anyway, i switched and went into Bachelor of Information System. My first program was hello world. Started learning the data types, basic condition and learning more logics. So my first programming lesson was in the year 1998. After that, i went ahead to learn C then visual basic again. Then lesson turn to Java. Then also learnt the OpenGL. However, at year 3 learning programming languages just stop. No further progress after that. Until industrial training again, did i really enjoy programming.

Anyway, at the very beginning i h-a-t-e programming like every students. Never like it. Until one day, that i finish ahead of everyone in OpenGL programming. That is where all started. OpenGL programming is like an enlightment to me. Therefore, this was my first enlightment to programming. More enlightment to come. My second enlightment was learning the web programming language. Now this is a story worth telling. I always love telling this story.

As an industrial trainee, i know nuts about web programming language. I can do away with simple HTML. But what about server side programming?
the sky is not the limit...

Is Sky the Limit?

It wasn't so bad when every things start topple down in your life. A friend once told me this every time when i am sad or dissappointed, "The time will come, dun worry". I just go along and make my way out of any problems. Yes, there are time i do sweat and worry about it... and presto! i am out of it. Doing things that is impossible and struggling to complete it. Tough muscle and good for brain... what do you get? You know your limit...