Thursday, March 31, 2005

Continuation of My story...

I started my server programming learning java server pages. It was one hell of a time. Project to complete but still learning how to programming. A friend drop by told me that i was climbing up the wrong tree. He advised me to switch to Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages). I did like he told. In a week of learning still, i manage to program ASP (VBscript) without looking at books. Sometimes, i still need like looking for new functions. You can ask Abeer coz i show him how i program a chart out from scratch. Though i am happy i am able to program ASP and finish the project but that have spurned me to learn more of programming.

At this point of the time, i was in love with ASP. COnnecting to small RDBMS like the everyone's favourite MS ACCESS. This is where i also gotta to learn about DSN and DSN less connectivity. So much things that i have learnt and wish that i could demonstrate here. My learning and usage of VBScript did not stop there. I went ahead to do free lance. My first free lance was to do a login and registration ASP page. That was the most memorable free lance coz i did a few things like ASP CDONTS - email. I talk to EMERGE about hosting, configuring their database and so on. I completed that free lance.

So now happily equipped with just one programming language i was walking on top of the world. However, i was wrong. MORE TO COME.

By the way, i did manage to do JSP (Java Server Page). Something that i have to smile at myself. I did JSP with Dreamweaver MX and JRUN for my Advanced Java Project in my final year. I am glad and proud of myself to do that even though i have abandon learning it previously.

Though not a big project... still helps to boost my confidence level. Abeer was there and i was happy. I show him "Export and Import System" - a whole website written in JSP.. Cool!

Anyhow... sky is not the limit.

I continue later with my working experience and that is where i get all the
the sky is not the limit...

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