Friday, April 01, 2005

Less Communication... More clacking...

It has been days since i started my ticket.... clacking away with my notebook. Handling one ticket can be exhaustive and time consuming but it is worth the challenge. Less communication with my neighbours but do often disturb my cubicle neighbour Fiza. It seems to me there are a few bloggers here and there. For example:
1. Around the World.
2. Blogcanai

3. My Heart Illustration.
5.Mitchi's Blog (hmmmm... i wonder why no blogging after first entry....)

Not bad, blogcanai can be quite active. Well, as per many things that can be said, blog canai... blog thosai... blog canai telur... what talking me here?!

Tonight's Friday... what is everyone doing????

the sky is not the limit...


Summer Snow said...

heyy...walk walk around a bit lar..cos I could end up din talk to you for the whole day u know...hehehe...only, hi and bye hard on your ticket anyway.

faisyura said...

oit will..seems u one of d blogcanai fans.. least u shud thank me for cheer u up during ur ticket-blues-days

faisyura said...

bydway, y dun u put blogcanai in ur links..? it will drag u straight to blogcanai by single click rather than typing blogcanai's address.. hope it will help a lot =P