Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Instructional Guide to Implement an ASP...

The most BASIC tools u will need in order to start developing an ASP page.

You will need to install the following:
1. An IIS.
2. A database RDBMS
3. An Editor.

For newbies.
1. where do you get an IIS?
You will need to install a windows 2000 professional. After installing your win2k pro, reinsert the cd to install the ISS.
Once u have install the IIS, ur adminstrative tools folder will have ISM (Internet Service Manager).
Not only that will be provided, a main web folder to publish your ASP will in the C drive. This is where u store your ASP pages.

2. what if i am using windows 98?
Recommended is win2k pro above. But if under special circumstances, u need a web publisher install to the windows 98. Find your cd and install it.

3. Then u need a database.
A suitable rdbms will be microsoft sql server enterprise... try the sql server 2005 yukon... greater. This is where you store your tables and databases. Make sure you got all installation correct.
Note: Try to avoid using MS Access as your database. It offers no multithreading services if you want to cater your ASP to thousands of customers.

4. An editor. (i know a simple notepad can do... but try not to be a hero!)
My preferred choice is macromedia dreamweaver mx. Some prefer Frontpage and some the .Net Enterprise Studio...

Even though my preferred choice is dmx but if you want to do ASP .net, it will be advisable to switch to .Net Enterprise.

However, my installation does not cover ASP .net... only ASP for beginners. So bear with me.

Now you can start programming your ASP.

Simple as that.
Note: If you guys need to know how to get started with pda programming, or jsp programming or .net programming can come ask me.
the sky is not the limit...

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