Thursday, December 22, 2005

Some company delivering JUNK MAILS should be shot dead!

Do you know that junk emails sometimes may contain valuable information like sex services, sex products, dating sites, news updates, then most notably some junks from company inviting you to try out their product. Some of these products can be real good. Unfortunately, all these sample goodies sent to your junk box might not be applicable to you because you are not residing in their country. This made me feel quite of being used and disappointed. I felt being used because they raped and molested my junk box’ memory space and disappointed because I am not able to sample this good products. Therefore, why in the first place they send it to me? This is a good question.

Do you realize that your email can be randomly generated by a program and sent out randomly to any unsuspecting idiot like me or my email has been bought by some company for a minimal fee so that can send out advertisement, useless advertisement like sending me something that I cannot use because I am not residing there. All these things really sucks. One day, I wrote back to this company who were doing this kind of advertisement through email and it was like below:


You give me a free sample email. And that email that you got from someone, i do not know who give it to you, send me something that i would not be able to retrieve that sample to use. Did you guys check out that email before you send out? Some email users might not be residing in US. You guys should do some checking before sending out.

So what should i do? If samples that you guys give out is only for US residents then why in the first
place select me to try out your samples. I am not residing in US. You rob me off the opportunity to try out this great product.

I feel bad about it.

You guys should really check out the email before you send it out.

I am very disappointed at SPG because I am not a US resident to try out this gift and you dare send to my inbox and telling me that I can try out your product! SPG a real joke!

Thank you.

And you know what their response’s title in my email:

Delivery Failure for Email : Failure notice!

It means the email address that they publish in their website is not working. I do not know this company and you send me kinds of rubbish. I will only say one word : SCAM!

sky is not the limit...


Jeffrey said...

Yeah, rite.. KingKong to me is still like Ultraman VS Barney. I better stay at home, pick up my Resident Evil 4 dvd and start shooting those bastard Ganados head off.. Bang, the head goes off.. It's more amazing than watching KingKong fighting then die.. Oh, what you think you are, KingKong? Romeo and Juliet? Look at the mirror, KingKong! Just kidding, KingKong pls dun look for me.. It's just my point of view. I love RE4!

william wilstroth said...

jeffrey - u commented king kong in wrong issue lar... king kong not here lar...