Thursday, September 08, 2005

SAP R/3 : CJI3 (SAPLKAEP + PS05)...

This modification of SAP standard is none other than the good ALV reporting program. Readers who are non SAP user would want to know that ALV stands for ABAP List Viewer. However, non SAP user would also want to know that ABAP stands for Advance Business Application Program. ABAP is a programming language for SAP... Ok ok.. i think from my previous post... readers should know by now... back to the main topic.
How did I manage to modify an ALV standard report?
Problem: User request to add in a vendor no. and a vendor name to ALV standard list box. This list box allows user to make changes to their reporting layout. By default, that two items is not there. Even if it is there, it is under Offset Account No and Name of Offsetting Account. This task was assign to me without informing me that vendor id and vendor name is under the other two fields. It took me painfully 5 days to make the changes. By that time, i was only told about it... i only used 2 days.
Here is the solution:
1. Add any fields that you want to add to a structure table (KAEP_COEP_X... i am using my case)
2. Then search for the SELECT function in SAPLKAEP.
3. Do the processing and send the data back to vendor id and vendor name.
That is it.
Simple right? But it took me almost 5 days...
sky is not the limit...


Anonymous said...

I have been asked to make a similar addition of fields to CJI3.
Thankfully SAP Notes (325546) came up with an enhancement solution via SMOD/CMOD - in this case COOMEP01.
Basically a Customer Include structure is created, the code added to a user exit, and configuration updated to allow the fields to be seen on the ALV.

Kind Regards
Paul Thacker
SAP Developer
Sheffield, England

william wilstroth said...

Hi Paul,

If i'd known that... oh boy, i can still remember my situation that time back 4 years ago...

Thanks Paul...

Greatly appreciated!

William Wilstroth