Monday, September 26, 2005

Game Development(GD) Experience...

I have been meddling with developing games (GD) for the past two years. From a simple two player English chess, a few tic tac toes and a maze game to an online game. But recently, i had not been able to continue with an online game.
I can't say i am the expert... but just a beginner...

Because i haven't receive enlightment on GD yet... do you know why i love programming so much? i once receive an enlightment... i tell you about it later... it has something to do with "the sky is not the limit"

ERP programming and GAME programming is total two
different worlds. If you think you are good at ERP programming

and you should be
good at game programming then you are wrong!

Here is my chronology in game development: (though not so great... but it gives me full satisfaction)
1. English Chess (two person) - 2001. (not commercialized)
2. Englsh Chess (two person) - 2003. (not commercialized an improve version of 2001)
3. Tic Tac Toe - 2004.
4. A maze. 2004
5. Shoot the Space Boogers. 2004 (arcade version)
5. Online game (not successful - project was wasted)

when i think back of my online game development adventure, i have learnt many things:
1. One must be determine and have a list of goals and objective layout.
2. Understand the online gaming terminology
3. A good game storyline
4. A good grasp of technicality in online protocol for games to communicate
5. A good grasp of programming skill in programming game logic and game engine
6. A good grasp of database skill
7. A good grasp in graphic and character development in games
8. A good grasp in development game background environment.
9. A good grasp in game ergonomics
10. A good grasp in game design.

Above i have set many things that i learnt so far from my game development. My last game development had left me felt so: -
1. sad.
2. loss in fund.
3. emotional wreck.

Fortunately, i have learnt many things from it about game development. It has set me a standard in my programming life.

Game development is no one person job. It requires a whole team to work with. Team must be commmitted and are clear of their objectives. I did the thing alone...

I must say i did had their vision and their logic ... and my logic understood theirs too... but i just could not go on... Months of development... now left un-finish...

Coming up with a board environment, character, rules, connectivity and communication protocol, database design... was really time consuming. Games are not developed in 4 months... but years and years of planning and development.

Unfortunately i was the only person who are doing all these... programming was cool... I love programming very much... and i adore it... but overdoing it can really kill...

My advise for those who are doing game programming... better make clear of your commitment... coz you are going in for ROLLER COASTER ride...

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the sky is not the limit...

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