Monday, September 26, 2005

Drive Safe Man!

I am a kind of guy who will dig his booger while driving and listen to his chillie padi's Stephanie Sun, then swear at other idiot car drivers from PJ to Sri Damansara and Sri Damansara to PJ.

While he is happily digging his booger and driving, he will day dream! Dangerous right? Yeah, damn seriously insane dangerous. Never do this. Occasionally he will daydream while driving.

But if you do meet him on the road (Sri Damansara - PJ - Sri Damansara) please remember to do the following below:

1. Do not drive too slow on the fast lane.

2. Do not cut/overtake him without giving him the courtesy.
(Well... if you give me the universal courtesy... i will be very glad to reciprocate finely)
3. Do not horn him from behind if he is correct else i will give you the universal finger!
4. Do not think he is soft even though he is driving a little KANCIL...

The last time it happen i had put it here

the sky is not the limit...

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