Thursday, September 08, 2005

That 28 days and 3 hours of A WEEK...

click... click... click... click..
oh i haven't been blogging for quite sometime...
1. Saint Luis Obispo High School SAP R/3 ALV report modification
(No of headache-ed days: 8 days straight)
2. - Censored deem to raunchy -
(No of relaxation and happy days: 6 days and 3 hours)
3. Away in Ipoh to take care of my brother
(ma and pa went to UK, Switzerland, Germany days: 2 weeks)
Like i have been away from the company for O-N-E year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might as well restart this portion...
It has been quite a while that i had stop blogging. My days were busied with my wife and trying to complete assignments as fast as possible to Saint Luis Obispo High School's SAP system. It was arguably one of the most longest programming hours i did. Modification of standard SAP programs. Not easy. During that week while i was busy typing away, -... censored! censored!... snip... snip... hehehehe... -
So came back to KL, i still have to complete the rest of the solution (in San Bernardino System migrate) to Saint Luis Obispo system. It was a very challenging task and i must really say, it was a worthy project. Finally, Nathan gave me the green light. It was done! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
My face looked haggard, hair unkempt, eyes droppy, blur-blur (*_*) and thank god... i managed to shave my face this morning... Otherwise, i scared off everybody. HANTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reality... Reality... Reality...
Software Wife 1.0. monitoring scripts. Certain portion has been censored.
sky is not the limit...

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