Thursday, September 22, 2005

SAP R/3 : Combining Two Transparent Table... SE11

This problem had been left unsolved for almost two months. Now i am able to solve it.
Thanks Mr. Jackie Lee Seng Yong who had also
help to solve this problem and
Mr Yip Wai Yen who suggested this creative
The problem or client requested was to able maintain two transparent table when they do transaction. After solving this problem, we have now two type of solutions to it. The first is to use coding to update both tables. The other one, is to create a VIEW to update both tables.
This is the second solution that both three of us had been trying. Now we had done it. Here will be the following steps to perform the process. Note: with the second solution, ABAPer will not need to write coding.

TCODE involves:
1. SE11
2. SM30
3. Development class: $TMP. (not allow to transport)
1. Create 1st transparent table.
2. Add the following fields (example only): Mandt, ebeln, matnr.
3. Create 2nd transparent table.
4. Add the following fields (example only): Mandt, ebeln, sgtxt.
5. Make a foreign key in 2nd transparent table.
6. Use ebeln in 2nd transparent table as the foreign key pointing the first.
7. Use cardinality 1 : 1.
8. Generate both of these two tables.
9. Create a view.
10. Input 1st transparent table.
11. Then in relationship select 2nd transparent table
12. All columns will be automatically generated.
13. In fields tab, select the tab that you want to fill or maintain.
14. Generate view.
15. Now you can go to SM30 to do the maintenance.

sky is not the limit...

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