Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Life is...

Many years has passed since my first step into a university. I just could not describe how it feels to go from one university to another university. And remembering the life i had, the story goes like,

"Many years ago while i was living in some remote area near my university, i used to worry a lot from studies to relationships. Studies was like i do not know where i am going. After transfer from a double degree (finance and accounting) to IT degree, my life just make a turn. I know nuts on hardware and idiot on programming. Scary isn't it. Well, then relationship, i suck at it. At that time, i can only just admire people going out in couple every Friday night or week day's evening. Couples eating together. For me, i am like a hantu in the uni. The only place i haunt:
1. Computer Lab
2. Library
3. My room.
So, what the f**k... at least i have my group of mariachas (comrade Lee and comrade Loy) then another bangla from Kepong (macha Abeer). Of course with this mariachas and handsome self proclaim Bollywood bangla Abeer life with them was never a dull moment. With these three amigoes, we will haunt the movie theatres and KFC and Macdonald. After four years, everybody graduated and left to find their own paths and ways.
Amigo Loy and Amigo William - worked in a same company, then i left, he stayed. Then he left for a new career.
Amigo Lee - went on to work in Maybank then to another company and stayed there.
Amigo Bangla - now working with me in a same company for a new career.
Amigo Loy - found his soul partner, career.
Amigo Lee - found his soul partner, South Africa.
Amigo Bangla - found his soul partner, wanting to start his own company.
Amigo William - found his soul partner, career and a little cute chillie padi*.
* this person is very cute and lovely.
Then, life still goes on. I wonder what will be next thing to happen... that each of everyone will take in the next five years.
Amigo Loy - probably married his girlfriend and make babies and go become consultant.
Amigo Lee - probably in South Africa shooting pictures of lions and giraffes.
Bangla Abeer - probably tie the thali and go become consultant.
What about enlightment? to me, just be honest and be true to yourself. Do not compare with others but work the way up with your best.

devilwitattitude said...
Hey, talk about me alsolarr...Make me kembang abit...Muwahahahaha
12:11 PM

william said...
Dun worry man... you are coming up in the next issue special issue...

sky is not the limit...

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devilwitattitude said...

Hey, talk about me alsolarr...Make me kembang abit...Muwahahahaha