Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Day In Your Life Programmatically... PART 1

[import system.human]
[import system.human.brain.intelligence]
[import system.human.sleep]
[import system.human.bodyparts]
[import system.human.movement]
[import system.human.voice]
[import system.human.graphic]
[import system.human.agility]
[public event system.human.event.listent_to_sleep]
[main public system.human.event.listen_to_argmt]
if [system.human.sleep_on] = sleep.woke_up then
rem do_something
end if
[end main]

1 comment:

william wilstroth said...

i wrote one bunch of coding... but blogspot doesnt support most of my syntax... therefore some of it is hidden...