Tuesday, November 08, 2005

If I can just dream on...

How many of us here ever dream of becoming back as a child? Me for one.. really miss my childhood. I still remember that my second younger brother and me used to have a big basket full of toys (all sorts you name it... Starcom, Lego, Transformers, Robotech, Cars, Trucks, Pans, Pots, Wok, Soldiers, Tanks, He-Man and so on). But one thing that never fail to animate and entertainment ourselves when my mother was in the kitchen cooking is pretending to ninja turtle and batman.. i once did become "Masked Rider" or should i say "Baja Hitam". Don't ask me why i become so many characters. At that time, the only things we can think of were those. But i love Baja Hitam!

Once as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, i was the Michaelangelo and my brother the Donatello. Stick wielding turtle and the nunchaku turtle. We would wear the headpiece that covers our eyes. Yeah i still remember it very much. I bought it from Parkson. My headpiece was orange and my bro was purple. We would jumped from one sofa to another sofa. We thought of jumping on tables but on second thought we skipped it bcoz it was made of glass!!! We would fight each other and some times fight imaginary friends. Running around and jumping around until my mom would come out "Ah Wai shut up! Quiet!". Both of us would run up to second floor and kept quiet. Then outcome the Turtles again! Those were the days.

Then as the Batman, well, this was much funnier, i still use the turtle headpiece but i use my red color blanket as the caped! Voila! A red caped Bat-Turtle-man! Well, imagination were utilizie to the max. Underneath of the bed would be use to hide from the Joker (my brother). All this while when i think of it, my brother played the Joker. Batman did not last as long as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Came the next Baja Hitam, other than becoming character we drew them on the big art block. At this age, both of us had grown a bit taller and can jump higher. As naughty as kids would be, we went into martial arts! Hey, imagination right? So we would pretend to kick each other like the Baja Hitam and pretend to get injured. One day, being the Baja Hitam took its toll. I jumped across the sofa and landed on my right side. That moment was themost painful experience i ever got! I stretch my pelvic ligament. It was very painful! That onwards the Baja Hitam was really in the clinic.

Imagination between me and my brother did not stop there. After i left Malaysia, seems to me my second brother continued on his crusade with my third younger brother. Imagination in kids is ever flowing. i agree with www.vinchng.blogspot.com that kids world is always much fun and interesting.

I wonder what happen to my legos and the other toys.

In memory:
01. Lego
02. Starcom
03. Mask
04. Transformer
05. He-Man
06. She-Ra
07. Thundercats
08. Robotech
09. Army Tanks and The Green Soldiers
10. Cooking Utensils
11. Plastic Vegetables and Fruits
12. Play-Doh
13. Masked Riders

What about kids nowadays? i think Sony Playstation will be the word...

sky is not the limit...

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