Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bulk or Batch Transfer in MS SQL Server 2000

Bulk or batch transfer can be done in SQL Server 2000. This is an advantage that user can applied in that application to fast bulk transfer. Millions of data can be process and transfer in seconds (or minutes). Bulk or batch transfer commands are installed into your system upon installing your Microsoft SQL Server 2000. However, SQL Server 7.0 also provide this command.
Syntax: -
Ways of implementing BULK: -
1. You can put your BULK statement in a .bat (batch) file for processing. An application triggers the batch file.
2. You can put your BULK statement in your SQL string and execute by ADO .NET
3. You can put your BULK statement in the DOS prompt.
Implementations such as data manipulation or data analysis application will be great using BULK statement. Moreover, for programmers who are developing CRM's website or application - this statement will be an advantage for them.
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