Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sleepless in Damansara

It was windy at night. Friday. No where to go. Had gone through bouts of ABAP codes, transported for user testing. Called a day off. Went home. Had a nice bath. Called my wife. A bit excited and a bit sad she sounded. She was going back to Penang from a week's holiday in Labuan (her hometown). For me, work, eat and sleep. A routine. As much as it would seem. I am seeing codes whole day. After ABAP, there is .NET at night. I wonder when i will just stop doing programs. Tired eyes, dried throat, and hardly breathed. Well, i do not know what keeps me going.
At the end of the night, headache and cramps on the head. Really tired. But hungry at the same time. Went out for fried noodle. spicy and delicious. Satified, went home. About 1 in the morning. Called my wife. She was like "u idiot... it is one in the morning... u wanna get killed?!". Sheepishly, i just said "sorry, i miss you". "go to sleep lar... u want my mom to kill you issit?" she said in a low voice....
After the call, well played solitaire for a while... then sleep. Not bad for a Friday night.
the sky is not the limit...

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