Monday, June 27, 2005

MDC Jobs' Fair 2005 at PICC...

It has been the most and recent talked about issue on why undergraduate students unable to find jobs. Now i know the reason that a large number of undergraduates unemployed. I may not have the right to say anything about them but at least they themselves have to knock their own sense out to realize their own mistakes.
I have been working for the past one and a half years and i must say that language and presentation are both important or essential elements to job interview. On the 25th of June 2005, Malaysia held the biggest job hunting for ICT students. The event ran for two days. Many turned up and most of them undergraduates and some unemploys.
First of all, i was assigned by my company to help facilitate the setup, running the information booth and scheduling for job interviews. With thousand of flyers and information at my finger tips i am ready to help this fresh graduates and any unemploys. My impression on these fresh graduates would be something like the eagerness to know about the company, maybe feeling relieve that our company is offering them a post or training and others. Unfortunately, i was quite dissappointed that some of the fresh graduates hardly speaks proper English. Some of them were very arrogant (right down arrogant). Some of them questions us back as though as we are selling a product that they are force into buying. Some came with inappropriate clothing. Really, they are not the type that will suit the interviewer's requirement.
I mean for God's sake, if you are looking for a job, please at least do the following:
1. Dress appropriately and formally because you are trying to get a job
2. Speak clearly and loudly...
3. Be courteus and polite... dun be so arrogant and snobbish... it is you who have to sell your qualitfication.
4. Even if you are not qualified for the job... at least, at the end of the interview you can leave behind a good impression to the interviewer.
What i can really say is many fresh graduates does not posses the following above. Worse they fail rule 3. They are not courteus and polite. They are, some of them, down right rude. I would not mind if they have questions on the company but not to extend that you would want to challenge the interviewer.
Come on... you are just a fresh graduate and you cannot afford to challenge an interviewer. So you think you learnt a lot of things in the university or college. Just wait till you work. Those things may never apply. Trust me. If fresh graduates know so much of things why in the first place the company have a training program. Training program is to train you to do the industrial things like the methodological way and the proper way to conduct work. University work is different and sometimes it is totally not applicable at all.
Fresh graduates have to start correct themselves. Being smart is good but acting like a dumbass in getting a job is a stupidity.

The sky is not the limit.


<^>WhiteDandelion<^> said...

uiks.. r u one of the interviewer on that day?? Hee..Camne ari tu.. happenning tak booth?

Anonymous said...

rightly said brother... rightly said