Thursday, June 30, 2005

SAP R/3 : User Exit Enhancement ZME51N...

User exit is a common application or method that is apply in SAP application regardless of its modules or solution. Any ABAPer who does dialog programming will touch on user exit. User exit meaning a certain function is executed when it is trigger by a certain object like buttons or double click.

In ZME51N (purchase requisition), three text boxes and three labels had been added previously. Namely the Tax Sales, Freight charges, and Total Sales. There are three problems here. First, Freight charges was not taken into considerations and resulting a wrong total in Total Sales. Second, message error kept on popping out even though Freight charges is there. Third, Total Value's amount display incorrect value after user have saved the calculation.
To solve the problem, user will need to look at two things:- where is the logic and did the user named the textbox correctly so it can be accessible by the logic?
True enough. Previous programmer forgets to named the text box correctly. After i had settle this i had to trace other coding so to make the correct changes. Error message was straight away settle after that because of the wrong name. Finally, total value's logic was wrongly written and it will multiply the quantity for no reason at all. Take away the multiplication and the problem was solved.
Objects to look into if you are doing user exit:
2. Functions in enhancement section
3. Some knowledge on how PBO and PAI works.

the sky is not the limit...

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