Thursday, May 05, 2005

Haircut Style has been my Nemesis since...

Recently had a haircut. Wondering whole day what style should i be cutting. Mohawk? Bob Cut? Bald? Crew Cut? well it wasnt long to decide. I wanted to have something that is messy that i wont have to comb my hair every morning. Nicely done even just woke up or after shower. But it would be something short too. I love my fringe to nice and a little bit long. So i told my hair stylist these things:
1. Messy and nice.
2. Fringe a litte longer
3. Not to thick...
He smiled and nodded... He understood... "No problem... " he said. He start snipping away. Outcome was nice. I like it too. i did dyed my hair once when it was like World Cup season where everyone spotted color hair like the Japanese football players.
Hahahahhahaha... those were the times and days in the uni.
the sky is not the limit...

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