Monday, July 25, 2005


In SAP ERP, programs are categorize in SAP standard program and user customized program. Both of these is always denoted by a SAPLXXX or an RXXX for SAP standard program and ZXXX for customized programs. Difference between these two types of program is that programmers are not usually advised to alter standard programs. Reason because the program is part of a business process. Changes to it will affect the whole business process. However, one is allowed to change standard program if and only if there is under supervision of a consultant.
In a customized program, programmers are free to die-for-changes program coz it usually is not part of a standard SAP business process. Sometimes they do but not to maximal effect that SAP business process is affected. Therefore, in customized program there are always the Development System and SandBox System for you to play around. QAS system is to test your application or program.

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